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Membership Special 

April 2014 

1. A new member special, $199 for membership and convention and fall seminar. Just like 

initial specials for everyone at the end of the year. 

2. A former PPMA member special, $225 for the same as above. However, MUST not have 

been a member for at least 2 years. 

3. A Free one year membership to any current PPMA member who is responsible for 

recruiting 5 new paying members to PPMA. The free membership shall be for the following 



Charles Swimmer has announced that the CPP Exam will be give on June 9 at 8 A.M.


For more informatin please call Charles at 663 423-3359 or email him at cswimmer@bellsouth.net.


For more information about the CPP, please visit the PPA website at www.ppa.com/cpp


You will need to register with PPA at least a week before the exam.

PPMA 2014 Convention

Call and book your room today. Don't miss this year's exciting lineup of talent. We are finalizing contracts with some of our speakers, and full information will follow shortly.

Kia Bondurant Oct. 7-8



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